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Hello from the members of Tribe Of Mog. We hope you like our wares. We also hope you agree they make for beautiful keepsakes and gifts that reflect the organic and unique skills of some of the individuals of our artist collective.
Happy buying and please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Handmade Art works, Nature Inspired, Unique pieces

All items are one of a kind and hand crafted with love using eco-friendly natural materials all ethically sourced either by genuine fair trade, finds whilst in the wilds or up-cycled ‘junk’.

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    Handmade Art works, Nature Inspired, Unique pieces

    Creations ranging from unique hand carved bowls, mirrors, wands, ceremonial staffs, perambulation aids and meadow ticklers to mermaid treasures and trinkets, OOAK Silvarian jewellery, curio touchwoods, amulets, dryadic wall masks and re-created creatures from mind and myth...

    Online Shop listings are just a small reflection of what we have in store.

    Unfortunately not everything we make is easy to ship but you can get touch to discuss options for Collection or possible Delivery of larger works.

    We do prefer face to face interaction to best show our creations. As a buyer you get to touch and feel the piece as well as the whole back story directly from its creator. 

    Keep in touch with us on Social Media to find out when we will be out and about with a Creative Stall Space at festivals and events.

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