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Sadie Shrub

Sculptor of Wearable, Decorative and Functional Art,
Performance Artist,
Verse smith

Inspired by the flora and fauna of the Natural World particularly ocean life, trees, fungi and the micro world of insects.
Using natural materials foraged, gathered or up-cycled.
Elements of Water, Earth and Air brought together with the Fire of Spirit.

Sadie Shrub: Welcome
9. Sleepyface.jpg
7. Seahorse carve.JPG
8. Whale tail.jpg
6. yinyangeyes.JPG
20170527_110532 copy.jpg
IMG_20210327_160725 copy.jpg
20150313_175858 copy.jpg
10. Blue box.JPG
3. Boggle eye mask.jpg
12. Lightcatcher.JPG
Sadie Shrub: Portfolio
Lightcatcher box art (thumbnail).jpg
5. Shell box.JPG
4. Basket.jpg

Handmade with Love, Naturally Unique

Natural Jewellery and Hair Decoration

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‘Light Catchers’

winged creatures flying on a line of loveliness

‘Songs Of The Sea’

original mermaid verse in a bottle

‘Trinkets and Treasures’

Decorative boxes with unique contents

‘Curious Creations’

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Woven Willow Works

Plant supports, Basketry, Sculpture

Sadie Shrub: Features
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