Oak,Turquoise,Quartz&Copper Pendant

Oak,Turquoise,Quartz&Copper Pendant

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This piece of Oak (Quercus robar) comes from a special tree that protects many creatures. The Turquoise is from a broken trade bead and clear Quartz points from one end with copper platted hoops the other.

A piece of Oak branch (Quercus robur)  from a special tree that I meet most days. This strong old veteran has weathered many storms offering shelter and protection to many creatures including myself. 

The wood for this piece came from a small windblown branch, I sat under the tree one day picking off the bark admiring the patterning around the branch unions, marvelling how such small knuckle growths can turn into huge strong limbs.

The strength of Oak is renowned, from the great wooden ships that explored the oceans to the solid portal coverings called after its tree Ogham name 'Dur'

The Turquoise came from a broken trade bead i had on my work bench and it fitted snuggly into the natural branch union which I left the bark attached for contrast.

A clear Tibetan Quartz point emerges from one end with  platted copper hoops from the other two.  


  • Size

    Length approx. 9cm 

    Width between the copper hoops approx. 6cm