Olearia Necklace

Olearia Necklace

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This wood is from a New Zealand daisy bush (Genus Olearia),It is a good solid grain and has a rich honey yellow sheen. The large shrub that this wood came from needed a prune to encourage new growth and the fantastic daisy flowers that cover in Summer and of course it is still growing healthy in an ornamental garden in Torbay.

The stone is a dyed yellow/green ‘Dragon vein’ Agate from a material swap i made with a friend. All strung together on wax cotton with Antique gold plated brass beads. 


I enjoyed playing with this wood the grain is close and so lovely to shape. It originates from the new Guinea, New Zealand, Australia side of the planet and came to the British Isles via the great plant collectors of the 17-1800's.

The thoughts of these tropical jungles inspired this piece a lot.


  • Size

    Overall length approx. 22”/56cm