Clown Bug

Clown Bug

Clown Bug

Fae sillivatica ‘humourious laffitillia’

Genus; Beech Bug.


A social parasitic woodland insectiod, living in family groups called Cirkus colonies. Feeds on ‘phagos sap’ that ferments in its gullet before regurgitation then re-digestion. Known for its slapstick mating habits & call, which is like mimicked sardonic laughter. Often heard heckling, squirting fluids & honking when threatened before delivering a painful ‘nip.’ This sub-species can suffer from a tragedy mite infestation leading to Cirkus collapse syndrome (C.C.D)


Made from the growths expelled from a European Beech tree (Fagus sylvatica) after a wood wasp lays her egg into the tree’s cambium. These growths are then sealed off by the tree, which are eventually swallowed by the outer bark or rot off naturally.

The eyes are glass and metals used are re-cycled copper and Brass. Wax cotton cord is included.


This limited collection is al total individual natural item that is uniquely carved with its character and size. They also all have a name after a ‘famous’ clown or jester.


The CLOWN BUG collection is unique to the website shop.