Ancient Oak&Cyprus Shell Necklace

Ancient Oak&Cyprus Shell Necklace

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A found shell from Cape Greko in Cyprus is set onto a piece of Irish peat bog Oak (approx. 10,000yrs)....


I found this shell whilst walking around Cape Greko, a peninsula on the S.E coast of Cyprus. I spent the time mostly awe-struck at the rock formations full of fossilised coral, the contrast of the ‘trippy’ intricate detailed white rock against the clear blue/green of the Mediterranean Sea. It felt like I was travelling through a backdrop from some epic Iliad tale.


The wood came to me via a fellow wood working friend, who thought I may like to try carving on a piece of dried Irish peat bog Oak (approx. 10,000yrs old).


The fact that both materials have spent some considerable time around and in water my creative instincts looked to our greatest influencer of the element,

The dark ‘oily’ colour of the Oak against the full Moon shape shell reminded me of many Luna-antics.


  • Size

    Overall length approx. 26”/66cm

  • Materials

    Plaited 3 strand wax cotton cord