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Updated: Oct 12, 2021

Probably the best Tall Pirates you will ever see me hearties!

Ahoy there ya' bunch o'scurvy scallywags! Thought we might send you a shot across the bow ta' see if you be requesting the long legged piratical duo of Captain Snarling Sadie & Slack Gallows from the many gunned ship 'TRIBE OF MOG' as land crew ta' stir up a shenanigans & heart felt good humoured mis-doings amongst the gathered rabble of guttersnipes, toe rags, buccaneers & salty dregs who'll be descending like a dose of pox on the good folk of the world.

So we look forward to seeing ya' raised standard in our spyglass.

The Tall Pirates have sailed the seven seas each year to regale and swashbuckle at a charity event locally and have marauded at various record-breaking attempts.

Previous clients include Rowcroft, Brixham Buccaneers, Dover Regatta and Southwest Lakes Trust, Faery Festival..

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