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The Tale of Two Trees is a meandering wonder of waffle by Two Trees remembering Tales of when they were saplings. These high tales of adventures set within the wild woods which are drawn from faerie stories and legends, full of heroes, villains, trolls and creatures yet to be seen amongst men, are told by two of the empathic green guardians (standing at approx. 9-12ft tall) as they wander around the site allowing all that would listen to eavesdrop on their tree talk.

This infamous pair were observed growing taller from year to year.

100% natural costumes meant that these authentic trees hibernated during winter and could therefore only appear in full foliage during Spring, Summer and Autumn months.

The Two Trees have been performing at UK festivals since 2006.

These highly esteemed, deciduous ‘ent’ertainers appeared at events, fairs, festivals and green settings.


  • Meeting the Mayor in Dartmouth and Kingsbridge PlayDay.

  • Recrutiment of youngsters to walk with us as Guardian Imps.

  • The Springwatch incident…naughty Trees heckled the chainsaw demonstration!

  • Honourable and wise ‘ents’ were written into the story line for LARP Brixham Berserkers.

  • Wimbleball conservation crew.

  • Foliage sympathetically collected on site and added to the exo-skeleton tree suits made us Trees authentic and indigenous to the places we walked and told our Tales.

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