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Halloween/Samahain Special CRAFT WORKSHOP with Tribe Of Mog costume characters

Spooky fun was had by all on a creative journey led by Undead Jack and Halloween Hag. During this imagination fuelled event participants made their own Goblin Heads using lots of natural materials supplied by Tribe of Mog, while enjoying the banter of these 2 quirky characters.

Tribe Of Mog artist members facilitated this many times at various outdoor events, playgrounds and community centres over the years and had soooo much fun doing it. As is often times the case, the ‘costume character’ details such as accent or personality quirks and traits came out spontaneously the first time they got an airing in public…and that’s where the ghoulish hilarities for us really start!!

In the case of Undead Jack and Halloween Hag, I recall Jack spent the first part of a session immobilised by laughter at the voice and accent of his partner in this venture…if you can imagine (as video capturing in those days wasn’t a thing yet) the accent of Janet Street Porter with cartoon style exaggerated teeth expounding witchy wisdom! Undead Jack soon joined in with his recounting of undead antics.

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