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Can’t get the staff?

I have been making my unique versions of perambulation aids, meadow ticklers and staffs for walking and ceremonial use now for over 35yrs.

It all started with whittling a ‘dragon’ onto a hazel ‘V’ thumb stick I often used when out collecting wild mushrooms, way back in my teens.

I thought the dragon would help me find the little fungi friends and this main focus I continued all through the carving of the dragon stick… I still believe I found more mushrooms with the dragon stick than without it.

Not long after this carving I literally stumbled (fell down a ditch) into ‘stig’ the faithful wooden walking companion that as now been with me for over thousands of miles adventuring.

I have continued to fashion one of a kind ‘sticks’ for friends which I often uniquely personalised, either with my unique style of carved character faces or inserting quirky items relevant to their persona.

Whilst most were very practical aids, (for there are so many uses for carrying a staff), I started to carve to demand a few more elaborate ones for ceremonial use. Word soon got round certain circles that if you required a staff that is a little bit special then I was the guy to help.

I am not entirely sure how many I have made for folk over the years, It all started before digital cameras (back then I couldn't afford one anyway) and the ones I do have photo images and scrap paper designs is now well over 100.

All the staffs I make still go through a similar process, all of which involves my complete concentration from start to finish, I only put into them good vibes made with love, focusing on the recipient or end use when carving the design, then before the final finishing with oils, wax etc.… The staff goes through a simple cleansing baptism using the 4 (western)elements to prepare for the handing over .

I always have a few in stock because I can’t help myself and I love making them, with all the other multiple artworks I’m involved with I normally can only do one a month maximum.

I don’t know how many of my friends here have had a staff from me in the past, but I would be interested if they have travelled far or on what adventures they have experienced or held the space in ceremonies.

I welcome commissions from all faiths, maybe folk who want something special to finish their re-enactment/cosplay outfit and also always like myself enthusiastic walkers needing a unique perambulation aid.


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